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Join with us to get this music on LP Record...

Crowdfund Text
Crowdfund Pledge

Crowdfund Only - Strictly Limited Edition Individually Numbered + Signed By The Band

Pledge Amounts and What You Get

£50 and over (inc P+P)


  • Strictly Limited Edition 1 of 100 Vinyl - Individually Hand Numbered and Signed by The Band

  • CD in Digifile Package with Lyric & Pic Booklet

  • Master Quality 24 Bit Wav Download

  • Handwritten Lyric Sheet - Song of your choice

£25 (inc P+P)

  • Signed Standard Edition Black Vinyl 

  • MP3 Download

£35 (inc P+P)

  • Strictly Limited Edition 1 of 100 Vinyl - Individually Hand Numbered and Signed By The Band

  • CD in Digifile Package with Lyric & Pic Booklet

  • Master Quality 24 Bit Wav Download

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Hi all,

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, We did it!!!

Our Vinyl fund is now closed, but please go to our

Store to get your Signed Vinyl/CD/Lyrics and Downloads


We are so grateful to all of you who love what we do and have helped raise the capital to get our first album on Vinyl. Your records are now with us, we can't wait to get them to you..

January 2022 Update...

Your records are here and being sent out to you. Please check your email from us to reconfirm your address, signing, and hand written lyric choices. 

November 2021 Update...

Expecting delivery of vinyl at any moment. Look out for communications from us as we will be finalising your delivery and personalisation/signing etc...Almost there!


September 2021 Update...

We have our test pressings through, how exciting!! Click on the video below to hear it, with an extra special cameo by Monty at the end. He clearly loves the tunes! (Note - Test Pressings don't have artwork)












Many people have asked how they can still get involved. Over the last few months, since we started our campaign, manufacturing times and costs have become much longer and much more expensive. So, we have taken the opportunity to extend our crowdfund period whilst the Vinyl is actually being manufactured. We would love for you to get involved, if you'd like to, please pledge here...

If you'd like to learn more about our crowdfund and how it works, look here...





July 2021 Update...


Your signed CD's are available now - Anyone who who has contributed to the fund and is still to let us know if they would like their signed CDs, please have a look at and reply to the email we sent you a short while back. More recent contributors will be hearing from us about that soon too.

Let us know if you'd like your CD signed, and who to of course.

Note - The signing and dedication can be completely different for your Vinyl, it doesn't have to be the same. When the vinyl is ready, we will ask you what text you would like on that too.

Contributors who have pledged for our £50 package, we will also be in touch to ask which song lyrics you would like to be handwritten as well.

Exciting times - Thanks again, we're almost there!


Alite x



Original Crowdfund Text


Welcome to our Vinyl Crowdfunding Page. You will probably have heard the music by now and like what you hear, which is why you're reading this...

Getting vinyl made is quite a major undertaking, especially when it comes to cost, but we feel that our music belongs on the medium that true album lovers are using more now than they have done since the 70's & 80's. 

Streaming and downloads are great for quick and easy access, discovery and sharing, but nothing beats the experience of putting a record on and tuning out everything else for 40 minutes.

We have made this record with exactly that in mind. This music belongs on an LP! 

As we hope you can hear, to get to this stage has taken countless hours and a not insignificant sum of money.

We need you, people who really like what we're about, to join with us to make this vinyl happen. If that is you, then please read on...

The Crowdfund Initiative...

We need to raise around £1750 to move forwards. So, what's this for...?

We have put together 3 beautiful LP packages - Each will include a 12" Vinyl in a printed colour inner sleeve with lyrics, pictures and notes. Some packages also include master quality downloads, handwritten lyric sheets and CDs with lyric & picture booklet. The first 100 Vinyl will be strictly Limited Edition, signed by the band and hand numbered from 1 to 100. These will never exist again - They are for the people who join us at the beginning and want to support us.

It will only take 50 people at £35 to make this happen, so please share far and wide!

To be part of this, please look at the options here. All pledges are secure through Paypal. You can use cards securely through Paypal too, just select the option when it comes up... Standard sales of CDs and downloads are available from our Store. Further details below.


Thank you, your support means everything.

Alite  x


Original Crowdfund Text
  • All pledges include Postage and Packing in Mainland UK

  • Vinyl Records take a LONG time to produce in the current environment, at least 12 weeks. Please only pledge if you are comfortable with that

  • CDs are available now. Look out for our communications from us re signing etc.

  • You will receive a download link to your Digital Files within 24 hours, often sooner

  • If we don't reach our goal, refunds and alternatives will be offered accordingly

  • This Crowdfund Campaign is entirely administered by Alite. No other company is involved except the Paypal platform, to administer the funds accordingly. This gives much more piece of mind to both Pledger and Artist.

  • Please get in touch with us first before joining the crowdfund from outside the UK. 

  • By Pledging, you are agreeing to be added to our email list (we promise not to spam you) This will keep you updated with how the crowdfund is going etc. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time by using the link on any email list communication from us.

  • Any further questions please do contact us

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